The Energy Industry Competency Development Initiative (EICDI) is an industry-wide initiative aiming to raise the overall competency of the energy sector workforce in the Caribbean. The goal of this Initiative is to have a common competency framework for the Energy Contractors’ workforce, recognized and accredited processes, training bodies and assessors.

TOSL Engineering has been working with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago to become part of an industry- wide system for assessing and certifying technical competencies in the energy sector using our facilities as a certified work assessment center (WAC), an initiative championed by the National Training Agency of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our main intention for the coming years ahead is to use digital platforms and media channels to share the knowledge and expertise of some of our global partners, whilst also building an extensive online portfolio of TOSL tutorials on key techniques which exist in the faculties of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.

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