1982-2014: The Journey

About TOSL
Engineering Limited

Currently serving the major industry sectors in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean Region, we continue to expand our operations as we move into the global marketplace.


TOSL Engineering Ltd is a bespoke integrated solution based provider of engineering services and products.  Based in the southern Caribbean island of Trinidad, TOSL is a multifaceted company that provides industry leading engineering services and products to an assortment of industries throughout the region.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with international suppliers, procuring state of the art machinery and equipment and by ensuring that its employees continuously receive the latest training and skills development, TOSL is recognised as a regional leader in providing clients with best in industry trusted products, supported by a best in class customer oriented services team.

TOSL’s commitment to accountability, value creation and good corporate governance is reflected in its ISO certifications, its health and safety records and numerous awards and recognitions from multinational clients and the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago on numerous occasions.

TOSL’s holistic innovative approach to client service and client satisfaction is evident in its continued introduction of new services and products that not only seek to meet the current demands of clients, but also in anticipating their future needs in the various dynamic sectors the Company operates in. 

The Company’s commitment to the highest levels of customer satisfaction has resulted in relationships with clients that span generations.  Additionally, by leveraging its vast integrated services and product lines, TOSL has been able to create multiple levels of value added synergies for its clients, which are unmatched in the region.

Our Business

TOSL’s operations are diverse and are a reflection of its desire to be a one-stop product and services centre for all their clients engineering needs.  The Company’s operations are strategically structured around a few core divisions:

  • Mechanical Engineering Products & Services (Pumps, Engines – Natural Gas Solutions, Compressors & Generators)
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Products & Services (EIA Expertise, EIA Products, Valves)
  • Industrial Equipment Sales & Procurement Services (Metals & Consumables, Safety Products, Procurement)
  • Asset Integrity Inspection & Testing Solutions (Predictive Maintenance, Inspection & Testing, Anti-Corrosion / Pipeline Repair Solutions)
  • Wire Rope & Rigging Solutions (Wire Rope & Rigging)
  • Construction and Maintenance Project Management (Construction Services, Construction Products, Refractory & Insulation Materials, Refractory & Insulation Services)
  • Welding, Fabrication & Machining Services
  • Chemicals & Process Technologies (Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Upstream, Chemical Laboratory Capabilities, Piping Solutions)


TOSL’s business operations currently span over 91,000 sq. ft of commercial space, comprising of warehouses, engineering and service workshops, corporate office and specialised facilities.

The Company is a regional industry leader in the provision of engineering services, products, and equipment to a multitude of sectors including but not limited to:

  • Petroleum (Oil & Gas Exploration & Production / Gas Processing & Treatment)
  • Energy (Renewable Energy / Power Generation)
  • Utilities (Water & Wastewater Management)
  • Construction (Government / State Infrastructure Projects)
  • Food & Beverage (Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources)
  • Metals & Mining (Quarrying)
  • Logistics and Transportation


For more information about all TOSL’s services and how we can be of service to you, please visit our website at www.tosl.com and give us a call at 1- 868-299-0360 or 1-868-355-7167 which is our 24/7 customer relations line.



Our Values

“Quality Comes First”

We are honest and open, responsive and flexible, and we have designed our Company to be a value-adding partner to our customers, staff, and shareholders.


“We Aim for the Top”

To be the “best in class” Engineering Company in Trinidad & Tobago and for us to be able to hold this position amongst other companies operating in a First World Environment.


“Innovation in the Field of Engineering”

To become the Preferred Supplier of Innovative Engineered Solutions to our customers. We will utilize highly energized and competent Team Members working in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Awards and

Energy Chamber’s Corporate Governance Award
2012 – 2015